Supply chain

Contraves provides customers with a complete Extended Enterprise solution. Our supply chain organisation manages components sourcing, procurement, subcontract management and integrated logistics management. For example, we:

  • have formed virtual business units, integrated into our customer organisations, that contract and manage subcontractors, acquire and manufacture components, assemble complete systems and then deliver directly to customers, acting as an OEM;
  • undertake warranty, training, spare parts management and in-service support activities on behalf of customers or in association with OEMs;
  • have a modern warehousing system that handles more than 10,000 different component types, acquired from a network of local and global suppliers;
  • make sure that we only use original and factory new parts from approved suppliers;
  • work with local contractors to assist customers in outsourcing specialised work such as casting and precision mechanical manufacturing;
  • can manage projects that require special security handling, extensive traceability or comprehensive configuration management processes.