Defence Products

Contraves’ core market is high-technology electronics for the industrial, aerospace and defence sectors. Our defence business includes:

  • manufacture, integration, set-to-work, and integrated logistic support (in-service) of land-based and naval radar systems in Malaysia and other countries;
  • sourcing, subcontract management, component manufacturing, and system assembly for military aircraft sub-systems;
  • sourcing, subcontract management, component manufacturing and system assembly of electro-optic and laser systems for military applications;
  • assembly of power, LF, flexible and semi-rigid RF cables for defence applications (including onboard naval vessels); and
  • assembly of a range of PCBs from simple to complex to military standards for a wide range of defence applications including to operate in hostile environments.

By virtue of our majority Malaysian owned company by a Government Linked shareholder, Contraves is especially well placed as a Malaysian Industry Partner to foreign defence companies for Malaysian Ministry of Defence programs. We are very familiar with working in partnership with the Malaysian defence forces and have service facilities strategically located in Malacca and Lumut.

Moreover, as most of our business is export oriented (including our military business) we are equally familiar working with, and meeting the expectations of, defence contractors from Europe and North America.

Contraves has extensive experience in handling military standards for manufacturing and is very familiar with the security requirements and export controls associated with military programs.