CONTRAVES has a fundamental responsibility and commitment to ensure that all employees work in a safe and healthy environment. We will comply with all applicable safety and health laws and regulations and will take every measure to protect our environment and prevent job related injuries and illness.


It is CONTRAVES’ policy to:

  • comply with safety and health measures as required by law and to act positively where it can to prevent injury, ill health, environmental pollution, damage and loss arising from its operations;
  • promote recycling, reuse and conservation of energy and material resources on all levels of its operation;
  • be aware that the effective prevention of accidents depends as much on a committed attitude of mind to safety, as on the design, operation and maintenance of plant and equipment and to this end it will actively seek to encourage employee participation in contribution to the establishment and observance of safe working practices.
  • educate its employees the local and international rules and regulation, the company’s policy and procedures relevant to the environment protection, occupational health and safety.
  • expect its employees on their part to recognise that equally there is a clear duty for them to exercise self-discipline and accept responsibility to do everything they can to protect the environment, to prevent injury to themselves and others and any subsequent loss to the company.
  • work closely with its customers, suppliers and contractors to promote environmental protection, resources conservation, recycling, occupational health and safety.
  • review, monitor and continually improving in the implementation and performance of environmental protection, resources conservation, recycling, occupational health and safety in its operation.